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Hero Damage Blog

This is our blog. Here, you will be able to find news and articles about our tools and results.

Minesweeper Theorycrafting Apr 2, 2018 – Mystler

You may or may not have seen our little joke for April 1st. Of course, we are not going to switch from World of Warcraft to Minesweeper resources.


Site move Dec 4, 2017 – Aethys

The Ravenholdt Theorycrafting Community is happy to announce the new home of its simulation results. We decided to go further than just simulate rogues.


Crucible weights Dec 3, 2017 – Aethys

Today, Mystler added the crucible weight generation to our simulation tool.


In-Depth: Combinator Nov 6, 2017 – Mystler

We are getting closer and closer to beating the Burning Legion in the new Antorus raid. Our first simulation results for Tier 21 are released and it is time to go a little bit into detail about one of our tools - Combinator. How does it work? What can I do with the results? What are the issues?


Removal of the light theme Nov 1, 2017 – Aethys

Since we are doing an overhaul of the website, we decided to remove the light theme.