This is the Legion version of Hero Damage.
If you want to see BfA simulations, you can go here.
If you want to see BfA PrePatch simulations, you can go here.

The Ravenholdt Theorycrafting Community is happy to announce the new home of its simulation results. We decided to go further than just simulate rogues.

When we started this project, none of us thought it would be such a good addition to the community. All rogues were happy to have only one place to look to have a lot of simulations results.

After presenting it to other theorycrafters, a lot of people enjoyed it. Then our friends and mates wanted to have the same thing for their classes.

So we decided to expand our tool to every spec in the game. For now, we are mostly looking at damage simulations (both for DPS and Tanks), but we might consider other metrics in the future.

To help us, Nia joined the team, as well as some people from the SimCMinMax team.